We are Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week and we have joined our paths to write an extraordinary story.

Valmont and Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week have come together to promote the creativity, innovation and design of bridal

Valmont, the Swiss high-end cosmetic company, and Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, the world’s leading bridal and evening wear fashion event, are combining their strengths, prestige and commitment to fashion, beauty and art, to promote the bridal fashion industry, its internationalization and its leading platform which, as of this year, will be known as Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week (VBBFW). The prestigious company, one of the major brands creating beauty products, will thus enhance its ties with the world of international fashion in tandem with us.

Under this partnership, we have create synergies to reinforce the links between creativity, art and beauty, to ensure that the best designers and their creations shine more than ever at an event that has attracted all the agents involved in international fashion.

"This alliance represents a milestone for Valmont Group in the commitment to be renowned for its innovation in the beauty sector worldwide. As a high-end cosmetic brand, our conception of well-being goes hand in hand with design and talent, values that this international event reflects"
Julien Michoud,
CEO of Valmont South Middle Europe

The Swiss company has displayed their respective expertise to help models, brides, grooms and business travelers best prepare and enjoy the most fabulous day of their life. Likewise, the visitors of VBBFW19 had the opportunity to know the four Valmont’s brands: L’Elixir des Glaciers, the ultimate luxurious skincare, while the group’s fragrances had also celebrate beauty and fashion… with the fine Italian Il Profvmo scents, and the olfactive jewels crafted by Storie Veneziane.

"Blessing the most important commitment in one's life with our expert brands brings extra happiness that we, at the Valmont Group, are proud to provide. I look forward to serving the beauty of all women and men around the world for this memorable day, as we have done for the past 30 years"
Sophie Guillon,
CEO of the Valmont Group

Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, organised by Fira de Barcelona, will be held from 20 to 26 April 2020 at the Montjuic venue. The fair will welcome the 2021 collections of multiple brands on its catwalk, and the trade show will hold the fashion designs for brides, grooms, evening wear, cocktail, communion and accessories, featuring more than 400 brands 74% of whom are international.

"We both feel a real enthusiasm for the concept of beauty applied to art, women and fashion. These are the best premises for our successful cooperation to further enhance the event's quality and international nature"
Estermaria Laruccia,
Director of VBBFW

Valmont, history and innovation

Valmont is a Swiss, family-run, luxury cellular cosmetics company which was set up in 1905. At present, it combines the Swiss medical tradition with the most innovative cellular cosmetics offering exceptional beauty products for skin care. Similarly, the Group sponsors art exhibitions, supports the works of great artists and collaborates with charitable events throughout the world through the Valmont Foundation.