Marta Raich, new Chair of Barcelona Bridal Week Organizing Committee

Coinciding with its 25th edition, Barcelona Bridal Week has appointed a new chair: Marta Raich, director of Novia d’Art, one of the industry’s key labels in Spain with over 40 years’ history and extensive export experience.

What does BBW mean to you and the industry?
This edition is the 25th anniversary of the event, which means that BBW is history, solidity and experience; but it’s also future, innovation and opportunity. In this respect, BBW is the starting point for the season, where exhibitors can find a very versatile public, whether in terms of origin or style, and test the potential of their collections and portfolios. We have made BBW the opening and annual showcase for trends in the bridal sector in Europe and worldwide.

What are the main challenges you face as Chair of BBW?
It’s an honour to chair an event that is a European benchmark in the sector. The main challenges we have set for ourselves are not only to increase the number of both national and international exhibitors and visitors, but also to bring together firms that are exclusive for their product design and quality. Above all, we want to promote the quality and international scope of the show to highlight BBW as the unmissable bridal fashion event.

How do you see the industry in 2014?
The bridal fashion industry is growing. Well, the domestic market is showing signs of recovery, but, above all, exports of wedding dresses and accessories reached 501.4 million euros in 2013, a 13% increase over the previous year. We’ve worked hard over the last few years to keep going and we need to keep this up.

And the future of bridal fashion Made in Spain?
The industry’s future includes reaching the largest number of international markets possible and adapting our product to the needs of individual countries. But we also have to maintain our quality brand and design if we are to stand out from the rest of the world, particularly industrial and low-cost production arriving more and more from Asia. The future of the bridal Made in Spain label involves a blend of creativity and innovation in design, artistry in creation and competitiveness in the production and sale of our dresses.

Anything you can tell us about upcoming trends in bridal fashion for next season?
There’ll be figure-hugging dresses to emphasise curves and skin-tight tattoo dresses with lace, embroidery and beading for glamorous designer lines.

Also big will be layering of fabrics, based on the combination of a inner nude-coloured dress with another on top featuring all the design and style, that sheaths the figure and adds a vintage touch.
Plus jackets are back, in their most ethereal form, as semi-transparent blouses in gauzy fabrics. All these new trends along with classic styles—princess, mermaid—featuring new transparencies on the back and a return to the traditional long sleeves.

Barcelona, February 2015
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