Come and Cover the 2020 Fashion Shows

We’re the international must-see event to showcase the trends for 2021.

If you’re a journalist


If you’re a digital influencer


You can register for VBBFW20 if you’re a journalist, photographer, cameraman/woman, technician or producer who works for a domestic or international media outlet.

We’ll need you to submit:

  • Press card
  • Recent signed articles
  • Current emblem of the publication or link to the online media outlet
  • Original letter of the media outlet’s director or the editor or producer of the programme
Accreditations will open soon.

You can register for VBBFW20 if you’re a digital influencer or if you have a platform related to fashion, accessories, beauty, the bridal sector, lifestyle or society pages.

We’ll need you to submit:

  • Name, link and date of creation of the platform
  • Links to recent publications
  • Link to the channel where the name of the person to be registered appears
  • Activity report that verifies visitors and/or followers

Accreditations will open soon.


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