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Since 2016, BBFW has been publishing a series of sectoral studies in collaboration with Professor José Luis Nueno on a periodic basis. These studies bring together our extensive knowledge of the bridalwear industry as a professional trade show, meeting point and gateway to the sector and have enabled us to become a comprehensive source of information on the state of the industry.

With these four studies we present four sectoral trends, decisive for brands and retailers that today offer services to Millennial brides and tomorrow will offer it to those of Generation Z, are presented. The final goal for all of them is to be able to connect with their future client and to offer products more in line with their expectations and preferences.


How bridal fashion companies will have to adapt to new sustainability patterns

The study Bridal Fashion: Sustainable Style, Conscientious Business conducted by Prof. José Luis Nueno for BBFW and which has been supported by, warns that the bridal fashion industry has to start a transformation process so as to gain access to new demand sectors, not only by overcoming the digital challenge, but also by implementing processes focused on sustainability and ethical consumption to satisfy an increasingly conscious and demanding society.


How do generational changes affect the market?

Millennial and Gen Z Brides: the Bridal Fashion Industry in 2023 (2019)

This third study constitutes a revision and update of the first one, “Millennial Brides, born in the 80’s, marry today”. After three years and with the entry of Generation Z into bridal fashion, we believe it is necessary to understand which of those forecasts we presented then, have been confirmed or not and why

The Store of the Future for Millennial Brides (2018)

The study explains the change in the commercial approach, how and why this change is occurring, what the guidelines for millennial brides are and how the market should adapt to them.

Millennial Brides, Born in the 80s, Getting Married Today (2016)

With the demand fully recovered, there arises a new unknown in the competitive landscape: demographic changes and the decline of people in marriageable age means that the internationalisation is imperative, and places before the sector new generation: the millennials.

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