Magical Night

Silver Ribbon for the Great Ball of the Novices

Last Saturday, 16 November, the long-awaited Great Ball of the Venaria Reale took place at Turin, with 30 women as protagonists, as well as Official Students of the Naval Academy of Livorno, who were engaged in an evening dedicated to education, culture and charity.

This traditional event, celebrated for the 25th time, also commemorated its 10th anniversary of celebrating at the Palace Reggia di Venaria Reale, a masterpiece of architecture and landscape.

Once again this year, the Turin designer Carlo Pignatelli has fulfilled the novices’ dreams by designing their dance clothes with shaped bustiers, voluminous tulle skirts and silver details to remember the occasion.

And completing the outfit: red dancing slippers, a symbol of ‘Zapatos Rojos’, a project to fight violence against women, developed at Ciudad Juárez in 2009. There was not only dancing and romanticism, but also commitment to raise awareness of important social campaigns.

By Elisa Nascimbene for Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week



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