Interview with Olga Macià

Olga Macià studied at the Felicidad Duce School of Design and Fashion (FENI), but dance is what gave her sensitivity and vital constancy. Merging these two emotional elements, drawing and dance, she discovered her vocation for fashion design.

Could you explain the essence of the collection and what has inspired you?

We have created a collection inspired by the idea of a bride who gets married in space and comes to Earth to celebrate but does not know what she will find. So, there are some looks that have undertones of an astronaut warrior and an earthly heroine. You can also see fluid fabrics such as chiffon, organdie, tulle, and three-dimensional flowers. Furthermore, the colours are in ivory tones.

The story arises from the voluminous fabrics with a lot of personality, which allows us to tell a story. And, always accompanying the volume is a type of structure, the silhouette of the person; the figure it emphasises.

This year I started with sketches and then the fabrics inspired me, and I went on with the sketches. And so did the story. As the sleeves have a lot of volume, we have created a funny story to make it more interesting.

What do you think of the transformation of Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week into a digital experience?

The stage is so beautiful, and the screen is spectacular… it has never been so big. So, it allows you to make a fantastic video. The staging is also easier because there is more space.



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