Interview with Lorena Panea

Lorena Panea takes the dreams and personality of each woman to their maximum expression, regardless of passing trends. A style focused on each bride, based on originality, elegance, and comfort, which is the genesis of the designer’s interpretation of the desires of modern women.

Could you explain the essence of the collection and what has inspired you?

The collection is called “Maat”, which is both a concept and an Egyptian goddess which means “balance”. And my goal is to bring balance, because in the origins of humanity, the main goddesses were those who had a dual character.

They were goddesses who were good mothers and wives, they were submissive and loving, but they were also warriors, they were powerful and ambitious. They had character. And this dual character was lost over the years until only the virginal image of the goddess remained.

Maat tries to recover that lost balance of women, that duality of women, and that is why it is a fairly complete collection. Each dress serves as an inspiration for a certain type of woman and I hope this restores this dual character that we have lost.

Lorena Panea, which is my brand, is based on my surname. Panea is originally from Egypt. In fact, it is related in the biblical story of Joseph. So that Egyptian universe and all the historical context serves as the base inspiration for all my collections.

What do you think of the transformation of Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week into a digital experience?

I think it is a very innovative format that allows for more creativity by being able to plan everything in advance and being able to do certain things that do not work in the same way with the audience. Ultimately, I think this is the future of fashion.

Well, like my collection, called “Maat”, which means balance, I think we should find the balance by joining the digital format with the face-to-face format.



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