Between Dream and Reality

Dreams are the great protagonist on 21 September, dreams made up of timeless clothes, ancient luxuries and new visions. Dresses with immense volume and tight bodices with snug waistlines or seductive mermaid silhouettes with veiled necklines.

Rigid textures alternating with delicate crêpes in a material game enriched by crystals and 3D applications and the traditional shapes amaze with their innovative cuts.

Mikado and organza enliven the ‘party’ collection made of black and white floral prints with the incursion of primary colours.

Craftsmanship is present in all models and, while the images of Italian lands are displayed on the screen, the Renaissance and beauty of the Peninsula become a source of inspiration for a contemporary collection with strong values linked to craftsmanship.

Reminiscent of the architecture of the Bel Paese, their forms are built with asymmetrical lines, sculpted bows, 3D flowers, sumptuous draperies and embroideries made of pearls, beads and sequins. A wealth of detailed decorations and focus on the sleeves: long, in lace, bell, puff or bishop. The powder pink and champagne tones make the collection even more elegant and it is the elegance (in this case of the film previews) that is on show, while images of roll films play in the background. A collection with unusual shapes such as the union between the A and princess lines, with bright embroideries in white, ivory and silver rhinestones on fabrics such as silk chiffon, duchess satin and Italian plissé. And finally, a tribute to the Red Carpet with a capsule collection of red dresses, a hymn to love and passion.

By Elisa Nascimbene for Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week



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