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Leading bridal fashion in a city open to the world

Barcelona is our home, the perfect setting in which the protagonists of the international industry meet to show, buy and promote new trends.

At VBBFW values such as diversity, integration and sustainability are part of our way of feeling and understanding fashion. We believe in their power to create a more beautiful world and a better world. A dream is being born and we want to share it with all those who live and breathe creativity and fashion as passionately as we do.

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The best inspiration to create the best stage

At VBBFW we have an infinite passion for fashion, creativity, and design. We believe fashion to be art, culture, and beauty.

We have an ambitious dream for fashion in Barcelona and we invite creators, designers, artists and ideas enthusiasts to join our vision, to constantly reinvent themselves, to believe that diversity enhances art and creativity. That’s why we brought together twelve creators from all the city’s art genres to give us their different and daring visions. With them we toured the most emblematic spaces of Barcelona: through its history, flying over its streets, sailing in its sea, enjoying its good food. These artists have conveyed to us what Barcelona thinks and feels, and have helped us to discover how to turn it into the best stage for the world of fashion.

Our 2020 manifesto

FASHION, CREATIVITY and DESIGN are our passion.
We are ART, CULTURE, BEAUTY…and also the harmonic sum of opposites: crafts and industry, tradition and modernity, feelings and business, the local and the global.
We seek to be different, daring, provocative… viewing each piece as UNIQUE and PRECIOUS whose core value lies in the talent of everyone who has been involved in creating it.
We love BARCELONA, it is our home. A home OPEN TO THE WORLD. And it is also the perfect setting for FASHION TO SHINE, featuring high-profile events with international reach.
We advocate fashion as an ART COMMITTED to PEOPLE and their ENVIRONMENT. A means of SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION which creates a MORE BEAUTIFUL and a BETTER WORLD.
And so, we need to constantly reinvent ourselves, looking everywhere for INSPIRATION, engagement and partnerships.
We are Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week and WE ENCOURAGE CREATORS, DESIGNERS, ARTISTS AND IDEAS ENTHUSIASTS to join our dream.


Join the dream

A commitment that includes all of us

If you feel that you share our manifesto, download it and spread it. Join our dream.


That's how it all started

Do you want to discover the creative process of our campaign? Discover in 30 seconds the disruptive working session that saw the birth of VBBFW20.